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The Centre for the Study of Education and Work [ CSEW ] pursues critical investigations of all aspects of learning that may be relevant to work. From the CSEW perspective, learning includes formal schooling and continuing education courses, but also informal self-directed and collective learning in workplace, household and community spheres. Similarly, our expansive definition of 'work' includes various forms of paid employment, domestic labour and community volunteer activities. 

The Centre contributes to the internal life of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto [OISE/UT]*, both in the graduate program and the pre-service program, and enhances the image and reality of the Institute as a practical contributor to the development of policy, theory and practice in the area of learning and work. The Centre is co-sponsored by the departments of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education [SESE]* and Adult Education and Counselling Psychology [AECP]*.



The Centre for the Study of Education and Work (CSEW) brings together academics, labour educators and community partners to understand and enrich the often undervalued informal and formal learning of working people. The CSEW develops research and teaching programs on learning and work. It promotes policy initiatives and public events connected to both paid and unpaid workplaces, in traditional and new media for learning.
     The CSEW builds on current course offerings at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto, to help strengthen feminist, anti-racist, labour movement and working-class perspectives and profiles within the University of Toronto. The CSEW’s working groups focus on social equity in school curriculum, graduate studies, workplace education and labour education.

To act on this mission, the CSEW has established a community of practice, with a vibrant steering committee and a series of activities in which academic, labour and community researchers engage in dialogue on learning and work issues. Participants and colleagues of the Centre address many aspects of learning-work relations, such as:  the connections between early family socialization and career choices, learning and the creation of socially responsible work, economic restructuring and technological education, as well as the treatment of work in school curricula, the relevance of vocational schooling and informal learning for getting a job, the array of continuing and informal learning activities in work organizations, comparisons of the learning practices involved in housework and paid employment, systemic underemployment of learning capacities in relation to class, gender, racial, generational and other social differences, the learning practices of unemployed people, and the democratization of learning and work.


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